Hi, my name is Hasan.

I'm a third year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Toronto

My latest projects

3D Printer Mechanisms

MIE243 Course Project | Fall 2020
Conceptualized and designed many parts of the Core-XY based 3D printer my group and I designed this semester for our MIE243 - Mechanical Engineering Design course.

I designed the frame, z-axis (excluding bed), x-axis and y-axis (excluding the extruder) movement mechanisms. I also used proper mates in SOLIDWORKS to create a functional model in which the mechanisms move as they should.

The entire 3D printer was designed and assembled by my teammate Danny Kung and I. We conceptualized and designed all the parts on paper before moving to CAD.

The page for this project includes the initial concept, CAD process, supporting pictures, photorealistic renders, and all parts and assemblies as a zip file to download.
View the design process and download the project files
A photorealistic rendering of a core-xy based 3D printer, designed in SOLIDWORKS.

Custom Under-Desk Mounting System for PS4 Slim

Personal Project | Summer 2020
My PS4 was taking up too much room sitting on my table, so I decided to create a custom slide in mounting bracket for it.

This was my first exposure to iterative engineering design. Through the use of Fusion360 and my Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer, I designed multiple versions of the bracket until reaching an optimal design.

Though this project was individual, it taught me a lot about the design process and rapid prototyping using a 3D printer.
View the design process and download the project files Download the STL files from Thingiverse
Custom PS4 Slim under-table mounting bracket, designed in Fusion 360.

Recreation of my Room for Furniture-Fit Testing

Personal Project | Summer 2020
I wanted to buy a longer table for myself and my brother - which meant having to heavily remodel our room.

I decided to take an hour or so to recreate my room in Google Sketchup to see different configurations before physically moving anything.

Since then, I have re-created my entire apartment using blueprints I found online. This helped us choose a TV, TV stand, and will soon help us choose a new bed.
Design of my bedroom in Google Sketchup.
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Technical Skills


Computer Aided Design

Before bringing them into the real world, I create my designs in SOLIDWORKS. I have earned the Certified Solidworks Associate (CSWA) certificate for Mechanical Design from SOLIDWORKS.
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UI/UX Design

I design beautiful modern websites based on your content, or re-design your old website to improve conversion rates and help you achieve your business goals.
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Web Development

I develop fast, efficient and fully mobile responsive websites, complete with a rich and engaging front-end and a secure backend, that can be accessed through all devices.
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3D Printing & Slicing

To bring CAD models to life using a 3D Printer, I learned to use the Ultimaker Cura 3D slicing software.
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I love to learn and tinker with various programming language. I am proficient in HTML/CSS, JavaScript (ES6), and Python.

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